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About Executive Color Systems

Founded in 1996 by Adam Buchman, CEO, Executive Color Systems Inc. has grown to presently serve over 1,000 clients with more than 10,000 units deployed throughout New York tristate area and around the globe. We are dedicated to providing seamless print management solutions with the goal of delivering cutting edge, cost efficient systems coupled with unmatched ongoing service and guaranteed uptime. Our sales, service and technical support staff are dedicated to the longevity of our relationships and we view our clients relationships as true partnerships.

Managed Printing Solutions

We carry a complete line of Konica Minolta products in our main office alongside a full time messenger staff. Our service is second to none, and is the backbone of our operation.

  • Maintains quality control of printing fleet through complex internal management system (CIMS)
  • Built in cartridge signal will automatically notify technician when machine needs servicing
  • CIMS allows technicians to troubleshoot your problem while a technician is dispatched within the hour.
  • We offer network-integrated systems that has different products solutions, giving you individualized solutions with flexibility to upgrade equipment.
Our Service Guarantee

Our service, equipment and solutions are designed to meet the demands of a modern office providing consistent quality with a fast turnaround time so we never inconvenience you. We deliver digital imaging systems, copy, printing, scanning, fax and integrated software in a reliable format. Our no red tape policy allows our support staff to implement, by all means necessary, any solution to your downtime.

Our Warranty

Traditional manufacturer warranties are inefficient for companies and can result in a tedious process and up to three (3) of four (4) weeks of downtime for the client. If one of the Konica Minolta machines cannot be repaired on site and requires a warranty claim, ECSI will replace the machine at the client site with inventory from one of the ECSI warehouses. ECSI will process the warranty claim directly with the manufacturer on behalf of RWJBH and none of RWJBH’s locations will ever be inconvenienced thanks to ECSI’s enhanced warranty program!


Our Capabilities

  • Managed Print ServicesWe will manage all of your printing services which saves money and boosts productivity
  • Document Management SystemsStore, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images
  • Automatic Toner FulfillmentYour company will never run out of necessary ink or toner
  • Complex Internal Management SystemTechnicians will troubleshoot technical matters while a technician is simultaneously dispatched to your location within the hour.

We are the largest copier rental dealer

Executive Color Systems Inc. offers many options for your copier spending such as:

Short-term Rentals
Long-term Leasing

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Our Philosophy

Through innovation, we create value and share it with society for the betterment of people’s lives today and for the generations to come.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged by our customers as a leader, utilizing innovative technology, quality services and unique solutions, to add unmatched value to the global society. Always focused on protecting the environment for a prosperous future generation.

Our Values

  • Open and Honest
  • Customer-centric
  • Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative Accountable

Our Company

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