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Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix - workflow automation products
Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher™ Phoenix is a family of workflow automation products that optimizes business processes, reduces costs, and increases productivity for any organization.
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Dispatcher Phoenix is available in three distinct and customizable solutions to meet customer needs most effectively and efficiently:
• Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations. An easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective solution that provides a wide range of document imaging, processing, routing, and printing
features. Optional modules can be included at any time to add even greater power and
functionality to your workflows.
• Dispatcher Phoenix Professional. Dispatcher Phoenix Professional includes all of the standard functionality found in Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations along with advanced features such as file parsing and routing based on page count, color, metadata processing, and much more. Ideal for when you need to directly interact with or manipulate files.
• Dispatcher Phoenix Legal. Designed specifically for legal professionals,
Dispatcher Phoenix Legal includes all of the standard functionality found in Dispatcher
Phoenix Foundations along with features such as advanced Bates stamping, PDF file conversion, intelligent redaction and highlighting, and much more.


Dispatcher Phoenix is ideal for any business that needs to automate their document processing tasks, such as indexing, annotation, watermarking, file conversion, file parsing, and routing. With its flexible architecture and array of available add-in modules, Dispatcher Phoenix can easily be expanded as business needs change and grow. Examples of specific usage in the following vertical markets include:
• Scan and index important admissions records for integration into a student information system.
• Safeguard student transcripts by automatically converting them to a secure PDF file format.
• Extract data from student records to eliminate manual data entry.
• Quickly scan, index, and store electronic health records to Hyland Software’s OnBase®, an enterprise content management system.
• Convert patient records to an editable or searchable file format for easy retrieval.
• Route claims automatically based on file content, barcodes, file metadata, etc.
• Automate time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks such as Bates stamping and redaction.
• Convert legal documents to PDF/A for archival purposes.
• Upload case and client files to Worldox® Document Management System by World Software.
• Scan and index schematic drawings for easy document retrieval.
• Route invoices and Bill of Lading forms automatically to multiple locations for speedy approval.
• Annotate and watermark important documents, such as product specifications, invoices, and engineering change
With Dispatcher Phoenix’s full MFP panel integration, you can save time and increase your productivity by indexing and routing documents right from the MFP. Browse through your PC’s folder structure to choose a specific folder for your scan destination, enter a name or ID to identify the document, choose a document processing task to perform, and much more.
Target Customer
The Dispatcher Phoenix family of workflow automation software products is targeted towards any organization or business environment that needs to streamline and automate manual and repetitive document processing tasks or wants an easy-to-use desktop application for file processing, conversion, etc. Dispatcher Phoenix products can address the specific workflow needs of markets such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing, and Food Production.
Dispatcher Phoenix Applications
• Protect confidential data using intelligent redaction.
• Convert patient records to PDF/A for archival purposes.
• Route records using barcodes (standard or 2D).
• Optimize electronic document collection to convert paper-
based charts into electronic files/documents.
• Convert scanned image files and PDFs to editable Microsoft
Office formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Scan, index, and upload documents to content management
systems, such as OnBase, Microsoft SharePoint, and
• Customize legal processing tasks, such as Bates stamping,
redacting, and highlighting, at the MFP panel.
• Convert documents, such as admissions applications,
student grades, or legal case files, to searchable text format,
such as PDF Searchable.
• Automatically send processed documents by email to ensure
confidential delivery.
• Automatically apply an unlimited number of Bates stamps anywhere on a page.
• Browse your Network Share or PC-HDD folders to scan
files directly from MFP.
• Create security passwords for PDF files.
• Automatically watermark and annotate scanned image files and PDFs.
• Manage documents by splitting large files into smaller files based on page count or metadata.
• OCR files to capture and extract metadata.
• Evaluate, modify, and route print files based on specified search conditions.
Dispatcher Phoenix Product Information Page 4 July 23, 2013
Dispatcher Phoenix Integration with Konica Minolta MFPs
Dispatcher Phoenix products can take advantage of Konica Minolta MFP devices that run bEST (bizhub Extended Solution Technology) as well as machines that do not run bEST. With bEST workflows accessed directly from the MFP control panel, documents are submitted directly into a workflow with preconfigured scan settings. And having the Web browser (i-Option) installed on your MFP is not strictly required since Dispatcher Phoenix workflows can run on both the graphical and native MFP user interface.
Benefits of Dispatcher Phoenix
Dispatcher Phoenix can help any business save time by automating and streamlining document image processing, printing, and routing tasks using predefined workflows. Benefits include:
• Using as a desktop application. Dispatcher Phoenix is one of the few workflow automation products that can be used as a desktop application.
• Optimizing productivity and reducing labor costs with automated workflows. With Dispatcher Phoenix workflows, repetitive, manual work can be completed automatically - with one touch of the button. Workflows can be started directly from the
MFP’s control panel, or scheduled to run at a particular day and time. In addition, time-consuming processes such as Bates stamping, redaction, and highlighting, can be customized directly from the MFP panel for the utmost convenience.
• Collecting files from a variety of sources. Files can come into a workflow from local or network folders, MFP User Boxes, or directly from MFPs running bEST technology. Dispatcher
Phoenix can also act as an “Email Listener,” receiving files that are scanned and sent as
email from an MFP (SMTP In). And the LPR In node allows for th e collection of print jobs coming from an LPR print driver. With the LPR In node, files printed from any application can go directly into the running workflow.
• Automating file distribution. Processed files can be distributed to local or network folders, FTP servers, MFPs for
printing, email recipients, etc.
• Indexing scanned documents. Document indexing is speedy with the database lookup feature, which auto-populates other fields on the form based on values entered or selected.
Speeding up the discovery process. The Convert to PDF process uses a powerful and highly accurate OCR engine to convert documents to a variety of PDF formats, including PDF Searchable and PDF/A, allowing professionals in the legal field to quickly find specific case information.
• Identifying documents. With the Advanced Bates Stamping feature, an unlimited number of Bates stamps can be applied anywhere on the page. The Advanced Bates Stamp process includes advanced formatting, shrink/shift page content capabilities, stamp rotation, and three different kinds of counters: numeric, alphabetic, and Roman numeral. In addition, files can be annotated, watermarked, split, merged, and renamed -- automatically or
customized at the MFP panel.
• Securing documents. Sensitive information can be concealed with the intelligent Redaction process. Also, highlights/strikeouts can be applied to essential text with the intelligent Highlight/Strikeout process.
• Routing documents automatically. Advanced job routing features include routing files based on color, total page count, barcodes and other file metadata. Also, sophisticated parsing tools allow for the routing of files based on file name, file size, and content searches with the option of using regular expressions.
• Repairing scanned image files. Address common image quality issues of scanned documents with processes such as Despeckle and Deskew.
• Evaluating, modifying, and distributing print files. Powerful file parsing tools are a valuable tool in any workflow - from simple word replacement to inserting tray calls into print streams.
• Converting scanned images files and PDFs to editable documents. The Convert to Office process converts incoming files into Microsoft Office formats, including support for 2007 and 2010 (e.g., *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx).
Dispatcher Phoenix Product Information Page 6 July 23, 2013
Benefits of Dispatcher Phoenix
• Viewing running workflows in real-time. With our unique LiveFlo Technology, which displays files being processed through running workflows, you can visualize your workflow and identify bottlenecks to increase your business efficiencies.
• Scheduling workflows. Workflows can be scheduled to run at a particular day and time, or to run as a service, whether the application is open or not.
• Expanding the power of the application with
optional add-ins. With Dispatcher Phoenix’s flexible architecture, the application can grow as your customer’s needs expand. Optional add-in nodes include Advanced OCR, Barcode Processing with a standalone Barcode Generator Tool, Metadata Routing, Metadata to File extraction, KDK Conversion nodes, and much more.
• Simplifying login with single sign-on support. bEST-enabled workflows can be configured to automatically log in using MFP user credentials.
• Customizing workflows to suit your needs. Dispatcher Phoenix’s Workflow Builder is a graphical, intuitive tool with drag-and-drop functionality, colorful icons, drawing tools, and multiple connectors. Creating workflows is as simple as dragging node icons onto the drawing area, defining the nodes, and then connecting them. Add multiple inputs, processes, and distribution points to your workflow in a free flow fashion without any restrictions to visual design. And there’s no need to worry if your workflow is not configured properly. Dispatcher Phoenix provides helpful validation messages to guide you through addressing any issues.

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